4 Letter Words Ending In c: With Their Meanings

Here are some common 4 letter words ending in c: abac, choc, pyic, torx, perc, oxic, saic, banc and atoc.

4 letter words ending c

aescA type of ash that was used in medieval England for fuel and medicine.
abacA counting frame that was used for arithmetic before the invention of the calculator.
chicHaving a stylish and fashionable appearance.
crocA type of shoe with holes that is typically made of rubber or plastic.
torcA Celtic neck ring that was worn as a symbol of status and power.
doucA type of langur that is native to Southeast Asia.
blocA group of countries or people that have common interests and goals.
chocA type of candy made from chocolate.
uricRelating to or derived from urine.
flicTo move something quickly and lightly with the finger.
percA percentage.
bancA building or institution that provides financial services, such as accepting deposits, making loans, and handling money.
pyicRelating to or affected by pyorrhea, a gum disease that causes inflammation and loss of bone.
epicA long, eventful story, typically one involving a hero or heroine.
discA flat, round object, typically made of metal or plastic.
specA detailed description of the features or characteristics of something.
twocTwo (Scots dialect).
syncThe synchronization of two or more things, especially when they are operating together.
oticRelating to or affecting the ear.
ubacThe shady side of a mountain.
nuocA fermented fish sauce that is used as a condiment in Southeast Asian cuisine.
marcThe residue from winemaking, consisting of grape skins, seeds, and stems.
eticRelating to or based on the standards or perspective of an outside observer.
ericA genus of evergreen shrubs or small trees, including the heather and heather Erica.
talcA soft, white mineral that is used in talcum powder and other cosmetics.
flocA clump or tuft of fibers.
dracA vampire (slang).
emicRelating to or based on the standards or perspective of a participant or insider.
atocA small, open boat used in the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia.
huicA traditional Hawaiian savings club.
alecAn aluminum alloy that is used in aircraft and other applications where high strength-to-weight ratio is important.
fiscThe public treasury (archaic).
waacThe Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, a unit of the United States Army that served during World War II.
oxicRelating to or containing oxygen.
odicRelating to or containing the Turkish unit of weight called an od, which is equal to 2.5 kilograms.
execAn executive, a person who is in charge of managing a business or organization.
zincA metallic element that is used in galvanizing, batteries, and other applications.
zoicRelating to or characteristic of an era of geologic time.
fuscDark brown.
mercMercury, a metallic element that is liquid at room temperature.
saicA type of silk fabric that is woven with alternating stripes of different colors.
laicSecular, not connected with or dedicated to religion.
narcA narcotic, a drug that can produce sleep or stupor.

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