5 Letter Word Starting With sna

Here are some common 5 letter word starting with sna: snabs, snash, snaky, snail, snary, snarl and snaws.

5 letter word starting with sna

snakyhaving or resembling a snake
snakea long, slender, legless reptile of the suborder Serpentes
snagsa sudden or unexpected obstacle or difficulty
snabsto treat someone rudely or dismissively
Snaysa denial or refusal
snarlto growl or speak in a harsh, angry way
snashto steal or snatch something
snacka tiny portion of food consumed between meals
snawsthe third person singular present tense of the verb ‘to snow’
snarfto eat something quickly and greedily
snarka sarcastic or mocking remark
snarsto trap or catch something in a snare
snaryfull of snares or traps
snaththe handle of a scythe or other agricultural tool
snapeto scold or rebuke someone
snafua situation that is confused and disorganized
snaila slow- moving mollusc with a helical shell
snapsthe third person singular present tense of the verb ‘to snap’
snarea trap or noose