5 Letter Words Containing r And a

Here are some common 5 letter words containing r and a: Radar, rabat, ranch, razor, radio, rumba, ramen, ratan, ragas, racer, rajah, ratal, rains, rival, and range.

List of 5 letter words containing r and a

Here is a list of 5 letter words with r and a in them:

RadarA device used for detecting and tracking objects, such as aircraft or vehicles
RabatA sleeveless outer garment worn by Muslim men
RanchA large farm, typically used for raising livestock
RazorA sharp-edged instrument used for shaving
RadioThe transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves, especially those carrying audio signals
RumbaA rhythmic dance originating in Cuba
RamenA Japanese noodle dish
RatanA type of climbing palm vine
RagasMelodic frameworks in Indian classical music
RacerA person or vehicle competing in a race
RajahA ruler or prince in certain parts of India
RatalA unit of measurement for timber, equal to 40 cubic feet
RainsThe condensed moisture of the atmosphere falling to the ground in separate drops
RivalA person or thing competing with another
RangeAn area of open land for livestock grazing
RatanA type of climbing palm vine
RearsThe back part of something, typically the hindquarters of an animal
RagedDisplayed intense or violent anger
RuanaA poncho-like garment worn in Latin America
RumbaA rhythmic dance originating in Cuba
ArrasA decorative wall hanging or tapestry
AurarThe currency unit of Iceland
AraarA small flowering tree or shrub
AraksRivers in Armenia
AirthA Scottish dialect word meaning “a quarter”
ArhatIn Buddhism, a perfected person who has attained nirvana
ArvalOf or relating to a Roman religious festival
ArumsA type of flowering plant in the family Araceae
ArsesA person’s buttocks or backside
BarcaA type of boat used in ancient Rome
BarraA narrow strip of land separating two bodies of water
BazarA market or street of shops and stalls
BrawlA noisy and violent fight or quarrel
BravaA term used to express approval or applause
BraysThe loud, harsh cry of a donkey or mule
BraidA narrow strip of flexible material, often used in hair
BrashSelf-assertive or heedless of others’ opinions or wishes
BraveShowing courage or fearlessness
CaratA unit of weight for precious stones
CarbsShort for carbohydrates, organic compounds used as a source of energy in the body
CardsFlat, typically rectangular pieces of stiff paper used for playing games
CarerA person who provides care or support to someone in need
CargoGoods or merchandise being transported
CarolA festive song or hymn
CarobA tropical pod-bearing tree
CarrsMarshy or boggy land
CartsA small vehicle typically pulled or pushed by hand
CarksTo be worried or distressed
DarbsA small, insignificant thing or person
DaresBrave or bold challenges or actions
DarkyOffensive term referring to a black person
DarksThe absence of light or illumination
DarnsTo mend or repair
DartsSmall pointed missiles thrown at a target
FeralExisting in a wild or untamed state
FairsPublic exhibitions of products or services
FaradThe unit of electrical capacitance
FarcyA contagious bacterial disease affecting horses
FartsThe release of gas from the digestive system
FarmsLand used for cultivating crops or raising animals
FlareA sudden burst of bright light or flame
FrailWeak or delicate in appearance or health
FraysA fight, battle, or skirmish
FreakA person or thing that is markedly unusual or abnormal
FubarAcronym for “Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition”
HarksTo listen attentively or be aware of something
HarmsPhysical or psychological injury or damage
HoarsRough or harsh in sound
HoralRelating to an hour or the hours
HaresFast-running mammals similar to rabbits
HardsAreas of hard or compacted ground
HarpsStringed musical instruments with a triangular frame
JagraA type of coarse-grained granite
JoramA unit of dry measure for grain in ancient Israel
KraalAn enclosure for livestock in Southern Africa
KbarsKilobars, a unit of pressure equal to 1,000 bars
KauriA type of large evergreen tree found in New Zealand
LarksSmall songbirds known for their melodious singing
LardsSolid white fat obtained from pigs
LargoA slow and stately musical tempo
LarisThe currency of Indonesia
LaserA device that emits a narrow, intense beam of light
MarasSmall, wild cats native to South America
MarryTo join in marriage or wedlock
MarlsA loose, crumbly soil
MarlyHaving a chalky or limestone-like texture
MarkaThe currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina
MarseA southern French dialect
MarshA wetland characterized by soft, wet, low-lying land
NarksTo inform or spy on someone secretly
NarcsInformal term for narcotics officers or undercover agents
NaresThe nostrils or nasal passages
NarksTo inform or spy on someone secretly
NaresThe nostrils or nasal passages