5 Letter Words Ending In ea

Here are some common 5 letter words ending in ea: Korea, Lavea, Levea, Ligea, Linea, Lucea, Lutea, Lycea, Medea, and Molea.

List of 5 letter words ending in ea

AcreaOf or relating to a field or open space
AeaeaIn mythology, an island home of the sorceress Circe
AgleaA genus of butterfly in the family Lycaenidae
AldeaA village or small rural community
AlseaA Native American tribe in Oregon
ApneaTemporary cessation of breathing during sleep
BoreaA cold north wind
BoheaA type of Chinese black tea
ButeaA type of flowering plant
CoreaAlternative spelling for Korea
DoDEADepartment of Defense Education Activity (U.S. military schools)
FoveaA small pit or depression, often in the retina of the eye
GaleaA Roman soldier’s helmet
HakeaA genus of flowering plants in the Proteaceae family
HeveaA rubber tree genus
HoseaA Hebrew prophet in the Bible
HoveaA genus of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae
JudeaA region in ancient Palestine
KoreaA country in East Asia
LuceaA town in Jamaica
LuteaOf a yellow or golden color
MedeaIn mythology, a sorceress and princess in Greek mythology
MoreaA peninsula in southern Greece
NaneaA Hawaiian word meaning “to be at ease” or “to relax”
OcreaA sheath or protective covering
PaleaA chaffy bract or scale
PiceaA genus of coniferous trees in the family Pinaceae
PileaA genus of plants in the nettle family
RiveaA genus of flowering plants in the family Convolvulaceae
TafeaA province in Vanuatu
TaleaIn music, a long sustained note or tone
TineaA fungal infection of the skin or nails
UsneaA type of lichen
ZoaeaThe larval stage of certain crustaceans
ZooeaThe larval stage of certain marine invertebrates