5 Letter Words Ending In ert (With Their Meanings)

Here are some common 5 letter words ending in ert: obert, evert, alert, inert, and exert.

5 letter words ending in ert

alertvigilant, attentive, and ready for action
apertopen, frank, and straightforward
avertto ignore or stop something from occurring
cherta hard, sedimentary rock composed of microscopic quartz crystals
evertto turn inside out
exertto use or put into use (physical or mental energy)
inertlacking the ability to move or act
overtopenly shown or expressed
peertto look intently at something, especially with difficulty
oberta type of sword with a broad, flat blade
piertto release a fart
blertto utter or shout something loudly and incoherently

Here are some other words that ends with: