5 Letter Words Starting With bea

Here are some 5 letter words starting with bea: Beach, Beads, Beady, Beams, Beamy, Beans, Beard, and Beaus.

List of 5 Letter Words Starting With bea

BeachShoreline along a body of water, typically sandy or pebbly
BeadsSmall decorative objects with a hole for stringing
BeadySmall and round, resembling beads
BeamsLong, sturdy pieces of timber or metal used as support
BeamyRadiating light or warmth
BeansEdible seeds of various plants, often used in cooking
BeardHair that grows on the chin and cheeks of a person’s face
BeausPlural form of “beau,” referring to a boyfriend or suitor
BeauxPlural form of “beau,” referring to a boyfriend or suitor
BeanoSlang term for a social gathering or party
BeastA large and often dangerous animal or creature
BeatsRhythmic patterns of music or the act of hitting repeatedly
BeauyA rare or unusual spelling of “beauty”
BeaksThe hard, pointed bills of birds
BeakyHaving a prominent or pointed nose
BeareAn archaic form of the word “bear,” meaning to carry or endure
BearsPlural form of “bear,” referring to large mammals
BeathA surname or place name in Scotland
BeautAbbreviation of “beautiful,” describing something attractive

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