5 Letter Words Starting With EA

Here are some common 5 letter words starting with ea: Eared, Early, Earth, Eased, Easel, Eases, Eaten, Eater, Eaves, Eagle, Eagre, Earls, and Earns.

List of 5 Letter Words Starting With EA

EagerFull of desire or enthusiasm
EaredHaving ears or certain types of ears
EarlyBefore the usual or expected time
EarthThe planet we live on
EasedMade less severe or relieved
EaselSupport for an artist’s canvas
EasesMakes less severe or relieves
EatenConsumed food through the mouth
EaterOne who consumes food
EavesOverhanging edges of a roof
EagleA large bird of prey
EagreA tidal bore or wave
EarlsNoble or high-ranking person
EarnsReceives money or rewards for work
EasedMade less severe or relieved
EaselA support for an artist’s canvas
EaserOne who eases or makes something easier
EastsPoints on the compass between north and southeast
EaterOne who consumes food
EavedHaving eaves or overhanging edges
EadysBelonging to the Eady family
EaganA city in Minnesota, United States
EagarA city in Oklahoma, United States
EaklyA town in Oklahoma, United States
EalesBelonging to the Eales family
EalysBelonging to the Ealys family
EanedHaving or showing ears
EarbyA village in North Yorkshire, England
EardsPossessing ears or certain types of ears
EarleA given name or surname
EarntPast tense of “earn”
EAROMErasable and reprogrammable read-only memory
EarpsA surname or given name
EarshHaving ears or certain types of ears
EarstA former unit of volume
EatheTo consume or devour food
EatonA surname or given name

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