5 letter Words Starting With le

Here are some common 5 letter words starting with le: Least, Leafy, Leaky, Leave, Leapt, Leash, Levee, Level, Legal, Leper, Ledge, Leger, and Leggy.

List of 5 letter words that start with le

LeastSmallest in amount, extent, or significance
LeafyCovered with or having many leaves
LeakyPermitting liquid or gas to pass through a substance
LeaveTo go away from or exit a place or situation
LeaptPast tense of “leap,” meaning to jump or spring suddenly
LeashA strap or cord for restraining and controlling an animal
LeveeAn embankment built to prevent the overflow of a river
LevelHaving a flat or even surface
LegalRelated to the law or allowed by law
LeperA person affected by leprosy, a chronic infectious disease
LedgeA narrow shelf or projection of rock
LegerA book or collection of financial accounts
LeggyHaving long legs
LegitLegitimate or conforming to the rules
LemonA yellow citrus fruit
LendsTo grant or provide a loan of something
LentoPlayed or performed in a slow tempo
LetupA temporary cessation or pause
LeverA rigid bar that pivots about one point
LewesA town in England
LexisThe vocabulary or words used in a particular language
LeachTo dissolve or remove substances from a material
LeansTo incline or bend in a particular direction
LearnTo gain knowledge or acquire a skill
LeaseA contract or agreement for renting property
LedgyFull of ledges or projecting rocks
LedumA type of shrub or plant
LeeryCautious or wary
LeetsA small stream or river
LemurA primate mammal native to Madagascar
Leo’sPossessive form of the name “Leo”
LeptaA unit of currency in Greece
Let’sContraction of “let us,” indicating a suggestion or proposal
LeudsA Scottish term for people or folk
LevinA flash of lightning
LewisA device used to lift heavy objects
LebanAn alternative spelling of “Lebanon”
LebenA type of fermented milk drink
LebosA group of islands in Greece
LecceA city in southern Italy
LeccoA city in northern Italy
LeccyBritish slang for electricity
LecheA sweet syrup or condensed milk
LechyLustful or sexually suggestive
LeckyBritish slang for electrician
LectsPlural form of “lect,” meaning a speech or reading
LEDCsAbbreviation for “Less Economically Developed Countries”
LeddyA Scottish term for lady
LedosA fictional planet in the Star Wars universe
LeducA city in Alberta, Canada
LeearTo listen attentively or closely
LeedsA city in West Yorkshire, England
LeeksA vegetable with a long cylindrical white bulb and green leaves
LEEMsAbbreviation for “Low-Energy Electron Microscopy”
LeensA village in Cornwall, England
LeepsTo jump or spring forward
LeersTo look or gaze in a malicious or unpleasant way
LeeseTo cease or stop something temporarily
LeffsA variant spelling of “laughs”
LefseA type of Norwegian flatbread
LeftePast tense of “leave,” meaning to go away from
LeftsPlural form of “left,” meaning the opposite of right

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