5 Letter Words That End In ERA (Meanings included)

Discover unique 5 letter words that end in era and its meaning. Expand your vocabulary and ace your word games!

Here’s 5 letter word that ends in era

MweraA small, freshwater fish that is common in Africa.
HieraIt is a Greek word which means “sacred” or “holy”.
AzeraA name of a mythological creature that is said to live in the desert.
OperaA form of musical theater that is characterized by singing, dancing, and elaborate costumes.
AmeraA name of a type of flower that is native to the Americas.
JeeraA type of spice produced from the dried fruits of the cumin plant.
TheraA name of a city in Greece.
ZeeraA name of a type of bird that is native to Africa.

Here are some other words that ends with: