5 letter Words That End In rt

Here are some common 5 letter words that end in rt: Thirt, Blurt, Deart, Overt, Smart, Start, Shirt, and Short. Another 5 letter word ending in rt that is very common is “Alert”

List of 5 letter Words That End In rt

Here is a complete list of 5 letter Words That End In rt with their meanings in front of the table:

HeartThe organ in the body that pumps blood
SturtA sudden movement or spurt
ThirtAn obsolete spelling of “third”
BlurtTo say something suddenly and without thinking
DeartAn archaic form of “dear” or “beloved”
OvertDone openly or publicly, not hidden or secret
SmartIntelligent or clever; also, to feel a sharp stinging pain
StartTo begin or initiate something
ShirtA garment worn on the upper body, typically with sleeves
ShortNot long in duration or length; opposite of tall
SnortTo make a sudden, explosive sound through the nose
AbortTo terminate or end something prematurely
AlertVigilant and aware of one’s surroundings
AmortGradually reducing or paying off a debt over time
ApartSeparated or at a distance from each other
ApertA small opening or aperture
AportA nautical term meaning “on or towards the port side”
AvertTo turn away or prevent something from happening
BlartA slang term meaning to cry loudly or uncontrollably
BlirtA sudden, involuntary exclamation or sound
BoartA rough, low-quality diamond
BoortA town in the Netherlands
ChartA visual representation of data or information
ChertA hard, fine-grained rock composed of silica
ClartA British dialect term meaning “mud”
CourtA place where legal cases are heard and decided
EvertTo turn inside out or outwardly
ExertTo apply or put forth effort or influence
FlirtTo engage in playful or romantic behavior with someone
HAARTHighly Active Antiretroviral Therapy, used to treat HIV
HeurtA French word meaning “hurt” or “injury”
InertLacking the ability or strength to move or act
LyartAn obsolete Scottish term meaning “nimble” or “agile”
PairtA Scottish dialect term meaning “part” or “portion”
PeartA dialect term meaning “lively” or “sprightly”
PeertAn obsolete Scottish word meaning “looked” or “gazed”
PoortA term used in South Africa for a mountain pass or gorge
QuirtA riding whip with a short handle and a braided leather lash
ScartA British dialect term meaning “scratch”
SkartAn Australian term meaning “scarce” or “sparse”
SkortA garment that combines a skirt and shorts
SnirtA mixture of snow and dirt, typically found on roads
SpirtTo gush or spray out in a stream or jet
SportAn activity involving physical exertion and skill
SpurtTo gush or flow out suddenly and forcefully
SwartAn archaic term meaning “black” or “dark-skinned”
TeartAn archaic Scottish word meaning “torn” or “ripped”
TuartA type of Australian tree with durable timber
WhortA cluster or small bundle, typically of twigs or flowers