5 Letter Words That End With S

Let’s take a look at some common 5 letter words that end with s: class basis, focus, grass, glass, cross, taxes, virus, guess, and tales.

List of 50+ Five Letter Words That End in s

Here are some more five letter words that end in s with their meanings:

AdamsReferring to a surname or the U.S. presidents John Adams or John Quincy Adams.
BeatsRhythmic patterns in music or defeating someone or something.
BillsMonetary notes or invoices for payment.
BootsFootwear that covers the foot and part of the leg.
BullsMale cattle or a sports team like the Chicago Bulls.
BurnsTo damage or destroy by fire or heat.
CallsTo speak in a loud voice or make telephone contact.
ClassA group of students or a category or rank.
CostsThe amount of money required to purchase or produce something.
CrossA geometrical figure or to go from one side to another.
DartsA game or small pointed missiles.
DressClothing, especially for females, or to put on clothes.
DucksWaterfowl birds or to lower the head or body.
FoodsEdible substances that provide nutrition.
GiftsPresents or things given voluntarily.
GrassVegetation that covers the ground or lawns.
HopesPositive expectations or aspirations.
IdeasThoughts, notions, or concepts.
KingsMale monarchs or powerful rulers.
LinesStraight or curved marks or arranging objects in a row.
LovesDeep affections or strong feelings of affection.
MilesA unit of distance measurement or a personal name.
NotesWritten or printed records or musical tones.
OathsSolemn pledges or promises.
PathsRoutes or tracks for walking or traveling.
PlaysActivities for amusement or theatrical performances.
PoolsBodies of still water or areas for swimming.
PortsHarbors or places for ships to load or unload cargo.
PressTo apply pressure or a media organization.
QuadsFour-wheel vehicles or quadriceps muscles.
RainsPrecipitation from the atmosphere.
RulesGuidelines or regulations.
SandsGranular material found on beaches or deserts.
SeedsSmall, reproductive structures of plants.
ShopsStores or places of business.
SongsMusical compositions with lyrics.
SpotsSmall marks or blemishes.
StarsCelestial bodies or famous individuals.
StepsActions or movements to climb or descend.
StopsCessation or halting points.
TapesThin strips of material used for recording or storing information.
TeamsGroups working together towards a common goal.
TidesThe rise and fall of the sea’s surface.
TimesUnits of measurement or specific instances.
TripsJourneys or excursions.
WallsVertical structures that enclose or divide areas.
WavesOscillations of energy or water movements.
WindsAir currents or gusts of air.
WoodsForested areas or materials from trees.
YearsPeriods of 365 or 366 days.
ZonesAreas with specific characteristics or divisions.