5 Letter Words With AE

Here are some common 5 letter words with ae in them: faery, isnae, paeon, tubae, aecia, aevum, aurae, baels, bigae, caaed, and case.

Other 5 letter words with ae

Here is a list of 5 letter words with ae and their meanings:

AeciaA type of spore-producing structure in fungi.
AegisA shield or breastplate, especially one bearing the head of Medusa.
AedesA giant in Norse mythology is the god of the sea.
AeonsA very long period of time.
AerieA high nest, especially one built by birds of prey.
AerosA type of gas that is lighter than air.
AesirThe principal gods in Norse mythology.
AegerA feeling of faintness or nausea.
AegirA giant in Norse mythology who is the god of the sea.
AetasA period of time, especially a long or indefinite one.
AesopA Greek fabulist who lived in the 6th century BC.
AevumAn indefinitely long period of time.

5 Letter words that have AE in them (Separately)

DeaveTo stun or confuse
LazesTo relax or be idle
GazeboAn outdoor structure or pavilion
QuaerAn archaic term meaning “query” or “question”
BeadsSmall decorative objects often used in jewelry
LeafsThe plural form of “leaf”
HalesTo call or summon
FatedDestined or predetermined
PaeanA song of praise or triumph
TapesLong, narrow strips of material used for various purposes
DeansThe heads or leaders of academic departments
LeafsThe plural form of “leaf”
PeakyHaving a pointed or sharp peak or crest
WaferA thin, crisp cake or biscuit
BeadsSmall decorative objects often used in jewelry
CakesSweet baked goods typically made with flour, sugar, and eggs
PealsA loud ringing of bells or a loud burst of sound
TamedBrought under control or domesticated
DealtTo distribute or administer
VealsThe meat of a calf
AshesThe powdery residue left after burning
PalesTo become less important or significant
BrakeA device for slowing or stopping motion
ReamsLarge quantities or amounts
SakesFor the sake or purpose of
TeaseTo make fun of or provoke in a playful manner
WanesTo decrease in size, strength, or intensity
YearnTo have a strong desire or longing