5 Letter Words With D In The Middle

Here are some 5 letter words with d in the middle: Adore, Caddy, Faded, Tidal, Lodge, Mudra, Wedge, Oddly, Middy, and Laded.

List of 5 Letter Words With D In The Middle

AddaxA large, spiral-horned antelope native to Africa
AddedPast tense of the verb “add”
AddleTo confuse or muddle
BaddyA person who behaves in a threatening or harmful way
BidedPast tense of the verb “bide”
BladeThe flat-cutting part of a knife or tool
BlendTo mix or combine together
BloodThe red fluid that circulates in the body
BoardA flat piece of wood or other material
BroadWide in extent or range
BuddyA close friend or companion
BuildTo construct or assemble
BundsEmbankments or barriers to control water flow
BusedTransported or conveyed by bus
CaddyA container used to hold or carry items
CedarA type of tree known for its fragrant wood
CededTo formally surrender or give up
CederA person or company involved in selling or renting land
CedisThe currency of Ghana
CodasA concluding section of a musical composition
CodonA sequence of three DNA or RNA nucleotides
CouldExpressing possibility or ability
CuddyA small, enclosed sleeping space on a boat
DadosA paneling or decorative molding along the lower part of a wall
DaredPast tense of the verb “dare”
DatedHaving a specified date or time
DedalRelating to or characteristic of a craftsman or artisan
DededGiven or granted formally
DegasFrench artist known for his paintings and sculptures
DidosTricks or pranks
DildoA sex toy used for sexual stimulation
DinedPast tense of the verb “dine”
DingoA wild dog found in Australia
DodosExtinct flightless birds
DosedAdministered a measured amount of medicine or substance
DowedProvided with a dowry
DreadA feeling of great fear or apprehension
DriedPast tense of the verb “dry”
DruidA member of an ancient Celtic religious order
DualsTwo things or parts together
DudedDressed or adorned in a showy or flashy way
DudesInformal term for men or guys
DuredContinued or persisted
EddosA type of shellfish
EndedBrought to a conclusion or finished
FadedHaving lost brightness or vividness
FidosA brand name for a type of dog collar
FluidA substance that flows and takes the shape of its container
FordoTo cause harm or destroy
FuddyAn affectionate term for a person regarded as old-fashioned or conservative
GadidA fish of the cod family
GiddyFeeling dizzy or lightheaded
GodlyPious or devout in a religious sense
GooddMorally righteous or virtuous
GuidsA Scottish term for a guide or leader
GurdyA musical instrument with a rotating wheel and strings
HadedPast tense of the verb “hade”
HodadA person who pretends to be a surfer or beach enthusiast but lacks skill or knowledge
HidedPast tense of the verb “hide”
HodadA person who pretends to be a surfer or beach enthusiast but lacks skill or knowledge
HodedEngaged in aimless or idle activity
HoodlSlang term for a criminal or troublemaker
HoodsProtective coverings for the head
HoundA type of dog bred for hunting
JudasA person who betrays someone’s trust
KiddoAn affectionate term for a child or young person
LadedLoaded or burdened with a heavy load
LidosOutdoor swimming pools
LuredTempted or enticed to do something
MiddyA type of sailor’s uniform
MouldA hollow container used to shape a substance
MudraA symbolic hand gesture used in Hindu and Buddhist rituals
OddlyIn a strange or peculiar manner
OdiumGeneral or widespread hatred or disgust
OdeonA type of theater or cinema
OdoidHaving an odor or fragrance
OldenBelonging to or relating to the past
PaddyWetland where rice is cultivated
PardiPast tense of the verb “pard”
PiledAccumulated or stacked in a heap or pile
PoodsA unit of weight used in Russia
PradoA boulevard or promenade
ProudFeeling deep pleasure or satisfaction
PudgyHaving a plump or chubby appearance
PudicRelating to or involving sexual modesty or decency
QuadsMuscles located at the front of the thigh
QuodsA term used to refer to people or things
RadiiPlural of the word “radius”
RadixThe base or foundation of something
RandsThe currency of South Africa
RavedSpoke or acted with wild enthusiasm or excitement
RedidPast tense of the verb “redo”
RedlyIn a red or reddish manner
RedosRepeated or done again
RendsTears or splits apart
RindyCovered or encased in a rind
RipedMatured or became fully grown
RoadyA person who travels with a band or musical group
RoodsA cross or crucifix, especially one set up in a churchyard
SadedMade sad or caused to feel sorrow