5 Letter Words With s and l

Here are some common 5 letter words with s and l: Slain, Slate, Slush, Slugs, Slice, Slink, Slums and sleep.

5 letter words with s and l

SlamsLoud and forceful impacts
SlantSloping or tilted direction
SlainKilled or destroyed
SlateFine-grained rock or a tablet
SlushMelting snow or ice
SlumpA sudden or steep decline
SlurpTo eat or drink noisily
SlitsNarrow openings or cuts
SloopA sailing vessel with one mast
SleepState of rest or slumber
SlimeSticky and slimy substance
SlumsPoor and overcrowded areas
SlinkTo move or walk stealthily
SlabsThick, flat pieces of material
SliceA thin, flat piece cut from something
SlugsSmall, slimy mollusks or a punch

Here are some other words that contains: