Is nix a Scrabble Word?

This article will provide whether Is nix a scrabble word or not. Additionally, definitions and related examples will be given. So let’s move on without further delay.

is nix a valid scrabble word?

Yes, nix is the valid word in the scrabble dictionary and is worth 11 points by itself.

Definitions of nix scrabble word in several dictionaries:

noun – a non-important quantity

verb – command against

A water sprite from German mythology, usually in human or half-human/half-fish form.

Not so; no.

noun – a water sprite

verb – to prohibit or forbid authoritatively

Words that contain nix scrabble word in them

  • phoenix
  • nixie
  • choenix
  • chenixes
  • vernix
  • coturnixes
  • coturnix
  • choenixes
  • nixing
  • nixed
  • phenix
  • nixers
  • phoenixisms
  • vernixes
  • nixe
  • phenixes
  • phoenixlike
  • nixies
  • nixes
  • chenix
  • nixer
  • phoenixes
  • nixy
  • phoenixism
  • fornix