Is zag a Scrabble Word?

Is zag a scrabble word?

Yes, zag is the valid word in the scrabble dictionary and is worth 14 points by itself.

Definition for the word Zag.


a form that is angular and has sharp turns that exchange direction.

Some examples of zag scrabble word in a sentence

  • The lightning strike made an unexpected zag across the night sky, its ragged direction illuminating the environment.
  • The garden’s maze contained many zag and twists, making it difficult for visitors to get to the centre.
  • The vehicle’s tire tracks on the slick avenue had an unusual zag sample, showing the driver’s trouble preserving the automobile.

Some words that contain zag scrabble word in them

  • zigzaggery
  • zigzaggedness
  • zigzag
  • zigzagging
  • zagging
  • zigzags
  • zags
  • zigzagged
  • zigzaggy
  • zigzaggers
  • zigzaggier
  • zagged
  • zigzaggiest
  • zigzaggednesses
  • zigzaggeries
  • zigzagger