Words starting with BI

With the help of this extensive resource, you may explore the interesting world of words that start with the letter “bi.” There are a tonne of Words starting with BI that are interesting to look up. We shall explore the history, definitions, and applications of these words in this article. So let’s get going!

5 letter words starting with BI

Here is the list of forty “5 letter words starting with BI”

bialya type of Polish bread roll
bialian Arabic honorific title meaning “master”
bicesOld-fashioned word for “twice”
biddya chicken or hen
bifiddivided into two parts
bigota person who is intolerant of different opinions
bijousmall and elegant
bikedpast tense of “bike”
bikera person who rides a bicycle or motorcycle
bikesplural form of “bike”
bilboa type of sword used in fencing
bilbya small marsupial from Australia
bilgethe lowest part of a ship’s hull
bilgyslimy or containing mucus
bilkscheats or defrauds
billya male goat or a club used as a weapon
bimaha raised platform in a Jewish synagogue
bimasplural form of “bima”
binalconsisting of two parts or elements
bindia small decorative dot worn on the forehead
binestwining plants, such as hops or ivy
bintswomen’s servants in the Middle East
biotathe flora and fauna of a particular region
bipeda two-legged animal or creature
bircha type of tree with smooth, white bark
birdswarm-blooded animals with feathers
birksa Scottish word for “birch trees”
birleScottish term for “spin” or “whirl”
birrsScottish term for “whirring” or “humming”
bisesplural form of “bise”
bisksa type of dry biscuit or cracker
bisona large, shaggy-haired mammal
bitala small coin used in India
bitera person or animal that bites
bitesplural form of “bite”
bittsposts on a ship’s deck for securing ropes
bittysmall or tiny
bizesplural form of “bize”
bizara type of traditional Moroccan market
bizzybusy or active

4 Letter words that start with Bi

Here is the list of 4 letter words starting with Bi:

BideTo wait for an opportunity
BierA stand on which a coffin is placed
BikeA two-wheeled vehicle propelled by pedals
BileA digestive fluid produced by the liver
BillA statement of charges for goods or services
BindTo tie or secure with a rope or cord
BintA young woman
Bio-Prefix meaning “life” or “living organism”
BirdA warm-blooded, feathered vertebrate with wings
BirkA type of birch tree
BiseA cold wind from the north
BiteTo cut into with teeth or a sharp instrument
BittA post on a ship to which ropes are tied
BizeA type of coarse woollen cloth
BilkTo cheat or defraud
BineA climbing plant stem
BinsContainers for storage or disposal
BintA derogatory term for a woman
BiotA unit of measurement for light intensity
BirrA buzzing or whirring sound
BiskA type of cake
BiteA small amount of food
BizeA small cut or wound
BizoA type of Japanese street performer
BizzA buzzing or humming sound
BizeA type of fabric
BizeA small cut or wound
BizaA type of gambling game
BirlTo spin or twirl quickly
BiroA type of ballpoint pen

3 Letter words that start with Bi

Here is a list of 3 letter Words starting with BI: 

BidTo offer a price for something
BigLarge in size or quantity
BinA container for storing things
BioRelating to living organisms or life
BisA unit of measurement for typography
BitA small piece or portion
BizBusiness, trade, or commercial activity
BibA garment worn to protect clothing while eating
BifA split or division into two parts
BijA type of decorative plant
BipA brief sound or signal
BixA type of biscuit
BiaA prefix meaning “life” or “living”

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