Words Starting With la

Here are some common 5 letter words starting with la: lab, lad, law, lace, land, lord, labor, lag, lacy, and lamb.

3 Letter words that start with la

labLaboratory; a room or building equipped for scientific research or experiments
ladYoung boy; a male child
lagTo fall behind or fail to keep up
lamTo flee or escape hastily
lapTo lick or drink with the tongue
lawA rule or set of rules established by authority

4 Letter words starting with la

LaceA cord or string used to fasten or decorate shoes
LacyCovered or decorated with lace fabric
LadeTo load or put a burden or cargo onto a vehicle or vessel
LadyA woman of high social status or refinement
LagsTo fall behind or fail to keep up with others
LairA secret or hidden place, especially for a wild animal or person
LakeA large body of water surrounded by land
LambA young sheep
LameHaving difficulty walking or moving properly due to an injury or illness
LampA device that produces light
LandThe solid surface of the Earth or a specific area of ground
LaneA narrow road or path for vehicles or pedestrians
LangA unit of length equal to 100 fathoms (currently used in maritime contexts)
LankLong, thin, and gaunt in appearance
LapsTo pass or move over a certain area repeatedly, often in circular motions
LardRendered or melted pork fat used in cooking
LarkA small songbird known for its melodious song
LarsA male given name
LashTo strike or beat forcefully with a whip or similar object
LassA young woman or girl
LastFinal or occurring at the end of a series or period
LateHappening or done near the end of a period of time
LathA thin, narrow strip of wood or metal used as a support or a covering
LaudTo praise or express admiration for someone or something
LauePertaining to the German physicist Max von Laue or his work
LavaMolten rock expelled by a volcano
LaveTo wash or clean something with water or a liquid
LawnAn area of mown grass in a yard or garden
LawsRules or regulations enacted by a governing authority
LaysThird-person singular form of the verb “lay”

5 Letter words starting with la

LaborWork, especially physical work
LaceyAdorned or decorated with lace or a similar delicate fabric
LacksAbsence or deficiency of something
LadedLoaded or burdened with something
LadesTo load or burden something
LadleA long-handled spoon with a deep bowl, used for serving soup or other liquids
LaganGoods or wreckage thrown overboard from a ship and later recovered
LaityLay people as distinct from the clergy; members of a religious community who are not ordained or in holy orders
LairsA den or resting place of a wild animal
LaithScottish term meaning “loath” or “reluctant”
LaariThe basic unit of currency in Albania
LaevoRelating to or exhibiting a lefthanded rotation or twist
LaichScottish term meaning “low” or “inferior”
LaicsRelating to or characteristic of the laity
LaighScottish term meaning “low” or “lying close to the ground”
LaiusIn Greek mythology, a king of Thebes and the father of Oedipus
LakedFormed or filled with a lake or lakes
LakerA person or thing associated with or originating from a lake
LakesLarge bodies of water surrounded by land, often of considerable size
LallsScottish term meaning “to sing or hum gently”
LamedTo cause to become lame or disabled
LamerA person who is considered less skilled or less impressive than others
LamesPlural form of “lame,” referring to an injury or disability that impairs movement
LampsDevices that produce light, often using electricity or a flame
LanaiA roofed, open-sided veranda or porch, typically found in Hawaii
LanceA long, pointed weapon or spear
LandaA barren or sparsely vegetated area of land
LandsAreas of ground or territory
LanesNarrow passages or tracks designated for specific types of traffic
LankyTall, thin, and often awkward in appearance or movement
LantsPlural form of “lant,” a dialect word for urine
LapelThe folded part of a garment that is turned back on the chest
LapisA blue, semi-precious stone
LapinA rabbit or hare, especially when used as food
LapseA temporary failure or cessation of something
LaqueA decorative knot or bow made of ribbon or fabric
LarchA type of tree with needle-like leaves and deciduous cones
LardsPieces of fat from a pig, used in cooking or as a flavoring
LardyContaining or covered in fat
LareeA female given name
LaresAncient Roman household gods or spirits, often associated with a particular place
LargeOf considerable size or extent
LargoA slow and broad musical tempo or movement
LarisThe basic unit of currency in Georgia
LarumA loud and confusing

6 letter words starting with la

LabelsSmall pieces of paper or material attached to objects to provide information or identity
LabialRelating to or involving the lips
LacierComparative form of “lacy,” meaning more lace-like or delicate
LacingThe act of fastening or securing with laces or cords
LackeyA servant or attendant who performs menial tasks
LacunaA gap or missing part in a manuscript, text, or record
LadderA set of steps or rungs used for climbing
LaddieA Scottish term of endearment for a young boy or lad
LadiesPlural form of “lady,” referring to women of high social status or refinement
LadledTo serve or pour (a liquid) with a ladle
LadlesLarge spoons with a deep bowl and a long handle, used for serving food or liquids
LaggedTo fall behind or delay in progress or development
LaggenA container or bag made of flexible material
LagoonA shallow body of water separated from the sea by a barrier reef or sandbar
LairedTo take shelter or reside in a lair or den
LaisseA poem or song that tells a story or recounts a legend
LakierComparative form of “laky,” meaning more like lacquer or glossy
LakestSuperlative form of “laky,” meaning most like lacquer or glossy
LambchA piece of lamb meat, especially from the loin or rib section
LambieA Scottish term of endearment for a lamb or young sheep
LambedTo give birth to lambs or assist in the birthing process
LamedsPlural form of “lamed,” a Hebrew letter and phoneme
LamentTo express grief, sorrow, or regret
LamestSuperlative form of “lame,” meaning most disabled or impaired
LamingPresent participle form of “lame,” meaning causing disability or impairment
LamishResembling or characteristic of a lamb
LammedTo run away or flee hastily
LanaisCovered, open-sided verandas or porches often found in tropical climates
LancerA cavalry soldier armed with a lance or spear
LancesLong, pointed weapons used by knights or soldiers
LancetA small, narrow, two-edged surgical knife
LandauA four-wheeled carriage with a collapsible hood
LandedTo arrive or come to a place or position
LanderA spacecraft or vehicle designed to land on a celestial body
LandleTo bring or transport goods or cargo by land
LandonA male given name
LanelyFeeling lonely or isolated
LangueA language or specific way of speaking
LankerComparative form of “lank,” meaning thinner or less substantial
LanklyIn a thin and unattractive manner

7 letter words starting with la

LabeledMarked or identified with a label or tag
LabelerA person or machine that applies labels or tags
LabialsSounds articulated with the lips
LaboredDone with effort or difficulty
LaborerA person engaged in physical work or manual labor
LaccaseAn enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of phenolic compounds, found in certain fungi
LackingDeficient or absent in something
LaconicUsing few words; concise or terse
LacquerA hard, durable coating often applied to wood or metal surfaces
LactaseAn enzyme that breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose
LactateTo produce or excrete lactate, a compound formed during anaerobic metabolism
LactealRelating to or resembling milk or milk-like fluid
LactoneA cyclic ester formed from a hydroxycarboxylic acid
LactoseA sugar present in milk and dairy products
LaddersDevices consisting of two parallel sidepieces with crossbars, used for climbing
LaddiesInformal term for boys or young men
LadenedLoaded or burdened with something
LadlingServing or transferring liquid or food with a ladle
LaetrilA synthetic form of amygdalin, used in alternative medicine
LagendsLegends or stories that are passed down through generations
LagoonsShallow bodies of water separated from the sea by a barrier reef or sandbar
LaicizeTo remove from the clergy or church membership
LaitiesA language spoken in Vanuatu
LambastTo criticize or reprimand harshly
LambdasThe 11th letter of the Greek alphabet
LambentSoftly glowing or flickering
LamentsExpressions of grief, sorrow, or regret
LaminarRelating to or characterized by smooth flow or layering
LammingRunning away or escaping
LampadsAncient Greek torches or lamps
LampersDevices used for clamping or securing something
LampingThe act of hunting or searching at night with the aid of a lamp or spotlight
LampionA small, decorative lantern or lamp
LamplitIlluminated by lamplight
LancersDancers who perform the traditional folk dance called the lancers
LancetsSmall, pointed surgical knives
LandingThe act of coming to the ground or a surface after being in the air
LandmanA person who works in the oil and gas industry, specifically in land management
LandmenPlural form of landman, referring to individuals working in land management
LanguesLanguages or specific ways of speaking
LanguidLacking energy or vitality; slow and relaxed
LanguorA feeling of pleasant tiredness or relaxation
LankestSuperlative form of “lank,” meaning thinnest or most slender
LankierComparative form of “lanky,” meaning taller and more thin or lean

8 letter words starting with la

LaboringEngaged in physical work or manual labor
LaccolicPertaining to or derived from lichen
LacerateTo tear or cut roughly or deeply
LachrymaA tear or teardrop
LackadayAn expression of regret or disappointment
LacrosseA team sport played with a small rubber ball and long-handled sticks
LactatedProduced or secreted milk
LactatesSalts or esters of lactic acid
LactealsLymphatic vessels in the small intestine that absorb and transport dietary fats
LacteousMilky or resembling milk
LacunaeSmall spaces or gaps in tissue, bone, or plant structure
LadderedHaving rungs or steps like a ladder
LadybirdA small beetle typically having a bright red or orange color and black spots
LadyfishA large, predatory fish found in coastal waters
LadylikeBehaving in a refined or well-mannered way
LadyloveA woman who is loved or admired
LadyshipThe title or position of being a lady
LaicallyIn a secular or non-religious manner
LaicizedRemoved from the clergy or church membership
LaicizesTo cause someone to renounce clerical status and become a layperson
LallygagTo spend time aimlessly or to dawdle
LamentedExpressed grief, sorrow, or regret
LamentorOne who mourns or expresses grief
LaminoseHaving layers or thin plates
LaminousShining or glowing
LampoonsSatirical or mocking written or spoken attacks
LamppostA tall post with a light at the top, typically used for street lighting
LampreysJawless, eel-like fish that are parasitic on other fish
LamstersPrisoners who attempt to escape or escapees
LandfallThe first sighting or reaching of land by a person or ship from the sea
LandingsAreas or structures where aircraft can take off and land
LandladyA woman who owns or manages a property that is rented to tenants
LandlessWithout land or property
LandlineA telephone line that uses metal wires or fiber optics to transmit signals
LandlordA person who owns and rents out property to others
LandmarkA prominent or easily recognizable feature of a landscape or location
LandmassA large continuous area of land
LandsideThe area of an airport that is accessible to the public and outside the secure area
LandslipA downward movement of a mass of soil or rock on a slope
LanguageA system of communication consisting of sounds, words, and grammar used by a community
LanguishTo become weak, feeble, or depressed
LankiestSuperlative form of “lanky,” meaning the tallest and

9 letter words starting with la

LaboriousInvolving or requiring a lot of effort or work
LacewingsInsects with delicate, lacy wings
LackadaisExpressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm
LactationThe secretion of milk from the mammary glands
LacteallyIn a milky or milk-like manner
LactobacA bacterium that produces lactic acid as a byproduct
LactogensHormones that stimulate the production of milk
LactoidalResembling milk or having a milky appearance
LagnappesSmall unexpected gifts or tokens
LagniappeA small gift or bonus given to a customer as a token of appreciation
LallygagsSpends time aimlessly or to dawdle
LambastedCriticized or reprimanded severely
LambentlyIn a softly glowing or flickering manner
LamentersThose who express grief, sorrow, or regret
LaminatedCovered or enclosed in layers
LaminatesThin layers of material bonded together
LampionsSmall, decorative lanterns or lamps
LamplightLight emitted by a lamp or lantern
LamppostsTall posts with lights at the top, typically used for street lighting
LampshellA type of brachiopod with a lampshade-like shell
LamstersPrisoners who attempt to escape or escapees
LandfallsThe points where land is first seen or reached
LandfillsAreas where waste materials are buried or disposed of
LandformsNatural features of the Earth’s surface, such as mountains, valleys, or plains
LandlordsOwners of property who rent it out to others
LandmarksProminent or easily recognizable features used for navigation or as points of reference
LandmassesLarge continuous areas of land
LandscapeThe visible features of an area of land, often in terms of its aesthetic or natural beauty
LandsidesThe mass movement of soil or rock downhill due to gravity
LandslipsDownward movements of masses of soil or rock on slopes
LangousteA spiny lobster, typically found in warm seas
LangousteA crustacean similar to a lobster, found in the Caribbean
LanguidlyIn a weak or sluggish manner
LankinessThe state or quality of being tall and thin
LanthornsOld-fashioned lanterns or portable lights

10 letter words starting with la

LabyrinthA complex and intricate network of passages or paths
LacklusterLacking brightness, vitality, or enthusiasm
LackwittedLacking intelligence or wit
LachrymoseTearful or tending to cause tears
LactationsThe period or act of producing milk, especially in mammals
LactogenicStimulating or promoting the production of milk
LactosemiaA condition characterized by the inability to digest lactose
LambenciesSoft or flickering light
LamentableDeserving of grief or regret; regrettable
LamentedlyIn a mournful or regretful manner
LaminarizeTo make or become laminar
LaminatingCovering or overlaying with layers
LaminatorsMachines or devices used to laminate
LamentablyIn a way that causes grief or regret
LamplightsLights emitted by lamps or lanterns
LamprophibA rare rock-forming mineral
LampooningSatirizing or mocking through written or spoken attacks
LampshadesCoverings or shades for lamps or lights
LamppostsTall posts with lights at the top, often used for street lighting
LandlockedSurrounded by land; having no direct access to the sea or ocean
LandmassesLarge continuous areas of land
LandownersIndividuals or entities that own land or real estate
LandscapedAltered or arranged the features of a landscape
LandscaperA person or company that designs or maintains landscapes
LandscapeTo alter or arrange the features of a landscape
LanguishedExperienced a period of sadness, inactivity, or decline
LanguisherOne who languishes or experiences sadness, inactivity, or decline
LanguorousCharacterized by a lack of energy or vitality; lazy or relaxed
LangostinoA type of small lobster or prawn
LangousteA type of spiny lobster found in warm seas
LaniariesFangs or canine teeth of certain animals, particularly in the canine and feline species
LanknessThe quality or state of being tall and thin
LarcenistsIndividuals who commit larceny or theft
LarkspurA tall flowering plant of the buttercup family, typically with blue, pink, or white flowers
LarrupingStriking or beating forcefully; thrashing
LasciviousFeeling or expressing an overt and often offensive sexual desire; lewd or lustful
LapidarianOf or relating to the art of cutting, engraving, or polishing precious stones
LapidariesArtisans who cut, shape, or engrave gemstones or minerals

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