Words That End In Qi

It is very rare to find words that end in qi. But we tried to find mixture of Acronyms and words ending in qi. So here are some of them: Riqqi, Jifunzeqi, MQI (Manufacturing Quality Index), QI (circulating life force), Saqi (cupbearer), GQI (Global Quality Index)

List of Other words ending in qi

Here are some rare words that words that end in qi:

SaqiA cupbearer or wine server in Persian poetry
QiA concept in traditional Chinese culture
TalaqiAn Arabic word meaning “to learn” or “to study”
SuqiA Lebanese term for “juice” or “nectar”
ZabaqiA Persian dish made with lamb or beef
RisqiAn Arabic term meaning “provision” or “sustenance”
FatawiqiAn Arabic term meaning “judicial” or “legal”
SulayqiA Yemeni coffee variety
JifunzeqiA Swahili term meaning “learned” or “educated”
RumiqiA surname of Albanian origin
SafaqiA Berber tribe in North Africa
MatraqiA surname of Arabic origin
BayaqiAn Arabic term meaning “clear” or “evident”
GulaqiA Pashto term for “flower vase”
RiqqiA term used in Arabic music for a tambourine
TabaqiA Hindi term meaning “layers” or “strata”
SharaqiAn Arabic term meaning “eastern” or “oriental”
BalqisiA surname of Arabic origin
ZajliqiA surname of Albanian origin
TariqiAn Arabic term meaning “way” or “path”
MihraqiA surname of Arabic origin
NuraqiA surname of Arabic origin
IshaqiA surname of Arabic origin
JifunzaqiA Swahili term meaning “learned” or “educated”

Another list of words that end in qi (Acronym version)

Because there are very few English words ending in Qi, we tried to find some other ways. So, here is the list of Acronym that ends in Qi:

AIQIAll India Quota Index
DQIDesign Quality Indicator
FQIFood Quality Index
GQIGlobal Quality Index
IQIInpatient Quality Indicators
LQILocation Quality Index
MQIManufacturing Quality Index
NQINational Quality Index
OQIOperational Quality Index
PQIPerformance Quality Improvement
RQIResearch Quality Index
SQIService Quality Index
TQITotal Quality Improvement
UQIUsability Quality Index
VQIVascular Quality Initiative
WQIWater Quality Index
XQINo commonly known meaning
YQIYangtze River Quality Index
ZQINo commonly known meaning
AQI (Air Quality Index)A measure of air quality used to report daily air quality