List of Z and X words

Here are some common Z and X words:

MaximizeTo make it as large or great as possible
SextetrazoleA chemical compound used as an explosive or propellant
HexazotizeTo treat or combine with six atoms of nitrogen
OxazepamA tranquilizer and anti-anxiety medication
ZeaxanthinA yellow pigment found in plants and a dietary supplement
ExorcizeTo drive out or attempt to drive out evil spirits
DiazoxideA medication used to treat high blood pressure
ZaxA tool used for cutting or trimming roofing materials
ZyxommaA genus of dragonflies
ZaxbysA fast-food restaurant chain
ZaxophoneA fictional musical instrument
ZootoxinA toxin produced by animals
TexturizeTo give texture or add texture to
ZaxlikeResembling a zax, or axe-like
OxygenizeTo combine or treat with oxygen
ZaxingThe act of engaging in zax-throwing
ZaxophonyA cacophony or jumble of sounds
ZoonoxAn extinct genus of brachiopods
ZaxpyA type of computer programming language
ZootoxicPoisonous to Animals
ExtremizeTo make extreme or push to the limits
SqueezedPressed firmly from all sides to extract liquid or reduce its volume
ZanthoxylsSmall trees or shrubs of the citrus family, typically having aromatic bark or fruit
EpoxydizedTreated or coated with an epoxy compound
MaximizedEnlarged or increased to the greatest possible extent
OxygenizedCombined or infused with oxygen
DeoxidizedRemoved or reduced the oxygen content of something
EpoxydizesTreats or coats with an epoxy compound
ExahertzA unit of frequency equal to one quintillion hertz
ExorcizingDriving out or attempting to drive out evil spirits or influences
ExoticizedMade or treated as exotic, unusual, or foreign
ExpertizedVerified or certified as being done or performed by an expert
OxygenizersAgents or substances that introduce or supply oxygen
OxygenizesIntroduces or supplies oxygen to something
DeoxidizerA substance that removes or reduces the oxygen content of something
DeoxidizesRemoves or reduces the oxygen content of something
ExorcizersIndividuals or things that drive out or attempt to drive out evil spirits or influences
ExoticizesMakes or treats as exotic, unusual, or foreign
ExpertizesVerifies or certifies as being done or performed by an expert
LexicalizeTo convert or express in the form of words or a lexicon
UnoxidizedNot oxidized or having undergone oxidation
AutoxidizeUndergoes oxidation spontaneously or by itself
AsexualizeMakes or renders asexual, devoid of sexual characteristics or reproduction
OxazolonesChemical compounds containing an oxazole ring structure
SexualizesGives or attributes sexual characteristics or qualities to
TexturizedAltered or treated to have a particular texture or surface pattern
ZelatrixesFemale religious figures in certain Christian orders who assist in the care of the sick or infirm